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3rd edition of the MEDTRIX conference: The Mediterranean, a sea under surveillance

The Medtrix team would like to thank you for participating in this virtual conference organized on March 29 and 30, 2021 via the Zoom communication platform. This 3rd edition was a real success with 308 participants – actors and enthusiasts of the marine environment – on these two mornings of exchange and sharing, on 457 registered via the online form.

You will find a summary of the different conferences in the conference proceedings, as well as other additional information. Enjoy your reading !

The two mornings were recorded and are available in replay on the Youtube channel MEDTRIX : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgs8FbzgMjUQqUocyIBtUXQ

VIEW THE DOCUMENTARY "Mediterranean Planet, the scientific mission" with the access code "medtrix

A team of 4 scientific divers led by Laurent Ballesta will live for 28 days in a bathyal station compressed between 7 and 13 times the earth’s atmosphere. They will use a new diving technique developed especially for this expedition, a mixture of saturation diving and autonomous diving with an electronic rebreather. Between Marseille and Monaco, 21 sites (-60 to -144 m) will be explored through scientific protocols proposed by about fifteen researchers. Listening to sounds, samples (environmental DNA, sediment, animals and plants), photos, gas measuring bells are used to study the rich biodiversity of coralligenous reefs, these unique limestone reefs built by algae. Does their great depth, despite their proximity to the coast, protect them from the impacts of our human activities?



Title of the documentary: “Gombessa 5 – Mediterranean Planet: the scientific mission”. Duration: 26 minutes. Director of the documentary: Gil Kébaïli. Authors: Julie Deter and Florian Holon. Production: Andromède océanologie / Agence de l’eau Rhône Méditerranée Corse. This documentary completes the film Planète Méditerranée (90 min) co-produced by ARTE / Andromède Océanologie /Les Gens Bien Productions, by providing information on the scientific part (access code: medtrix)


Monitoring Booklet

In order to know all the monitoring news, the Medtrix platform makes available to its users the Mediterranean coastal waters monitoring booklets. This document, published every four months, presents the latest news on the platform. The different editions are available in the “Publications” tab.

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